Thursday, January 1, 2009

How To Fix Wii

The Nintendo Wii has been one of the greatest console hits over the last couple of years. Not due so much to it's high caliber graphics but it's had more to do with it's game play. If you are here reading this then I really don't have to convince you how good the Nintendo wii is.

But if you are here then no doubt you are here to learn how to fix your Wii. This is because like every other console that has been released over there years, there are problems. Like your normal computer these units can become corrupted as they also run on code similar to your everyday PC.

Before now if you had any problems with your Wii and you didn't know how to fix your Wii then you often had to send it to a service center in order for it to be repaired at your cost of course. This mean that you were left out of pocket (as you had to pay for the repair) , but you also were out of gaming time as you console was and is often away for 3-5 weeks and sometimes even longer. As an avid gamer, this is not acceptable.

Luckily now however there is a guide that you can purchase that will show you how you can fix your Wii in under and hour so you don't have to send it away. This guide covers everything.

* How to maintain your Nintendo Wii to keep in it perfect running order.
* The best type of SD card for your Wii.
* How you can insure these SD cards last.
* Fix any Wii Connect 24 problems.
* What you should do if your Wii over heats
* What to do when your disks can't be read properly.
* LED lights on controllers not working, a simple fix .
* Beat remote syncing problems.
* Pointer that's got the jumps, fix it quick!
* Pointer not aiming as good as you like, no problem!
* Fix remote swing that doens't register
* How to use your virtual control
* How to set up your Wii online
* Replacing Dvd Drive
* Sticky buttons
* Static and noise from audio
* Disk, game and bar problems, all fixed

But to be honest , that's only the tip of the iceburg. The guide is so complete that It would take me an age to type it all out, in fact it's a whopping 96 pages of the insides and outside of your Nintendo Wii.

The fact is that you will become a Wii expert in no time, you will be able to fix yours in under an hour and no doubt you could even earn a bit of extra cash repairing your friends and family!

For me, besides my Wii Fit it's the best purchase that I have made, bar none!

If you would like to know how to fix wii then just click on the image above or you can click here